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Understanding Investment

Are you considering investing in the Australian property market? Investment lending is a smart financial strategy to grow your wealth through property investments. Let’s delve into what investment lending is and how it differs from owner-occupied lending.

Investment lending, in essence, involves borrowing funds to purchase properties or assets with the primary goal of generating rental income or capital appreciation. Unlike owner-occupied loans, which are used to finance the purchase of a home you intend to live in, investment lending is solely focused on generating returns from property investments.

Investment Lending vs. Owner Occupied Lending

The key distinction between investment lending and owner-occupied lending lies in the purpose of the loan. Owner-occupied lending is meant for financing a primary residence, where you plan to live. On the other hand, investment lending applies to properties that you intend to rent out or hold for capital growth.

While both types of loans involve similar considerations, investment lending often requires a larger deposit and may come with different interest rates and lending criteria. It’s crucial to work with a knowledgeable finance broker, like us, to navigate these complexities and secure the most suitable loan for your investment goals.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Interest Only Loans


Lower monthly repayments, freeing up cash flow for other investment opportunities.

Tax benefits may be available on the interest component of the loan.

Lower monthly repayments, freeing up cash flow for other investment opportunities.


IO periods are typically limited, after which the loan transitions to P&I.

Higher total interest costs over the life of the loan.

Potential risk if property values do not appreciate as expected.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Principal &
Interest Repayments


Builds equity in the property over time, enhancing your overall wealth.

Typically lower total interest costs compared to IO loans.

Provides a structured repayment plan, ensuring debt reduction.


Higher monthly repayments compared to IO loans, affecting cash flow.

Fewer immediate tax benefits, as both principal and interest are included in repayments.

May be less flexible for short-term investment strategies.

As an experienced investment finance lending partner in the Australian market, we can guide you in choosing the most suitable repayment structure based on your investment objectives and risk tolerance.

Investment lending is an excellent avenue to achieve your financial goals through strategic property investments. Understanding the differences between investment and owner-occupied lending, as well as the benefits & risks of IO and P&I repayments, is critical for a successful investment journey.

At Simple Property Lending, we specialise in investment finance lending in the Australian market. Our expertise will help you navigate the complexities, secure the best loan, and maximise your investment returns. Contact us today for a personalised consultation and embark on your journey to financial success.

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